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Access exclusive connections, peer-to-peer networking, training, workshops, podcasts, toolkits and much more through our membership hub - a safe community for leaders working towards a common goal, where they can share best practice and wins and collectively grow their knowledge of holistic diversity.


The Hub connects D&I change agents who consider themselves to be lifelong learners. It's full of valuable insights that guide our work and keep you informed about what’s hot in the DIBE space, so that you stay current in the ever-evolving D&I landscape, achieving workplace diversity & inclusion faster.


By joining the DIAL Global community, you’ll benefit from:

Peer-to-peer support from thought leaders who are passionate about organisational change, from access to our Mastermind Council through to functional round table networking

Access to cutting edge knowledge and trends in the DIBE space, which expands with the growth of your network and reach

Diversity of thought to spark bold conversations that drive change within your own workplace

Engagement that will compound organisational growth – as you grow in one area, it will naturally drive growth in the others


We’re your go-to for all things DIBE, with an unbiased global view across hierarchies, sectors and industries.


Join us (LINK TO FORM) to accelerate your journey to a truly inclusive workplace.


Take it one step further and commit to tangible and measurable change by signing our CEO Activist (LINK to CEO ACTIVIST INFO) pledge, joining a powerful group of business leaders passionate about moving the DIAL on diversity and inclusion.

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Eventually your view of D&I won't be fuelled just by insights from your close contacts or a limited network within your own industry. ​

Instead, you’ll have a global view of D&I. ​ More importantly, your voice will be sought out as someone who can comment confidently on the changing landscape of DIBE and play a formative role in the future of diversity and inclusion.



Emma Kate Protis,
Senior Manager - DEI Advocacy
Delta Air Line

We have really valued the 2022 [McKenzie-Delis] report and leaned on the scorecard as a tool that gives us more insight into the DEI landscape.


Sinead Bell
Director of Trading - Fresh & Chilled, Co-op

We focused [our Commitment plan] across many areas of inclusion and diversity, using the 10 facets aligned with DIAL help create a framework on moving forward on belonging.

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Membership tiers


✔  DIBE-led research, training, insights, events and conversations

✔  Boost campaign relevance through our Diversity Ad Network

✔  Access to our latest content including case studies, podcasts, research,  insights and more
✔  Virtual workshops with live Q&A 
✔  Attend hybrid summits with your wider organisation

✔  Catch up on-demand with summits, podcasts, webinars and more
✔  Access to our network of business leaders from leading global organisations via our dedicated membership community online and via our app
✔  Be part of the powerful CEO Activists council


DIAL Global are experts in creating bespoke in person and virtual events for our members. Our events are opportunities for organisations to gather internal or external teams together to hear how their leadership is driving real and measurable change and explore key holistic diversity, inclusion belonging, equity issues impacting their companies.

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