The DIAL Global Summits will bring together diverse, inclusive, aspirational leaders who will share their unique ideas and purpose lead initiatives on our theme of Winning Hearts and Minds through Purpose and Action.

Great leadership is about creating the right culture in an organisation where every individual has a sense of belonging, feeling valued and respected. And in today’s world workers are feeling the pressure of the economic downturn and they no longer feel they have the same loyalty to their organisation as they may have done previously.


In the UK alone, there are almost 17 million millennials who make up over a quarter of the total population and who are the largest generational workforce of today. On a global scale millennials are forecast to make up 35 per cent of the global workforce by 2020. However, despite this they are the least engaged generation and are known for ‘job hopping’, changing jobs at least every two years. This ultimately creates problematic retention issues for employers looking to hold onto their people and grow them to senior positions and even further up the ladder including the boardroom.


Therefore, organisations are having to do much more now than ever before to keep hold of their workforce. That is why leaders must consider new ways to change the attitudes and behaviours of their people. They must engage, communicate and connect at all levels of the business.


Companies that have purpose and action imbedded in their inclusion and diversity strategies outperform those that don’t. Purpose gives us the motivation and meaning to everything we do in life. Action puts our values and vision into practice. Together, purpose and action can transform the lives of people, businesses and the wider society.


Learn how the theory of winning hearts and minds through purpose and action can work for your organisation. Our speakers will share, inspire, educate and motivate so that every individual can act on building an inclusive and diverse work place environment where every individual can belong.


Announcements to follow.