Fiona McDonnell Managing Director, Amazon Advertising

International executive with track record in driving transformational business model change, sharpening brand performance, and enhancing profitability as a leader focused on delivering longer term, sustainable growth and developing people.


Fiona, currently a Director of Consumer Retail at Amazon, is an international executive with over 25 years in the consumer products industry growing known brands including Kellogg’s, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Nike and McCormick (Schwartz, Thai Kitchen, and Kamis). Fiona joined Amazon in 2015 in Germany as Director of Toys, and took responsibility for Amazon’s European Beer, Wine and Spirits business at the end of 2016. Alongside her Retail business responsibility, she is the Executive Sponsor for Diversity within Amazon UK businesses, and chair of the Women in Innovation Advisory Committee. A bold and passionate leader, she has been successful in her career in sharpening brand performance, steering multi-dimension teams to drive growth and profitability through transformational changes including post acquisition integration, business model change and in recent years embracing the rapidly changing world of digital commerce. She is an active mentor both within Amazon and externally supporting iW50 as professional mentor for female entrepreneurs, and supporting Working Options a Grocery Aid charity.

Fiona loves adventure and would consider herself as quite international having lived and worked in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore & France, alongside UK and speaking a handful of the languages. She gets her energy and drive from attempting and achieving what seems impossible and getting others motivated to do the same. Important alongside her work is the time she spends with her husband and 2 boys (6 & 8 yrs.), staying healthy with yoga and sport and keeping a sense of humour.   

What sets Fiona apart from other leaders is her clarity of thought, her ability to share her energy and passion and the commitment to keep it 'fun' without compromising performance.


Fiona holds a masters degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University and she earned her MBA from INSEAD Business School in both France and Singapore.