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Diversity Inclusion Belonging Leila McKenzie-Delis
The more Leila McKenzie-Delis began to understand about diversity, inclusion and belonging, the more she began to see how crucial it was for leaders to lead the charge and be models of change. This guide provides a toolkit for current leaders and those who aspire to lead, and provides a framework for leading well in an ever-changing world.
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Ethnic Diversity Enriching Business Leadership: An Update Report from The Parker Review
The Parker Review report, launched today by Sir John Parker, professional services firm EY and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), reveals that more than a third of FTSE 100 boards surveyed still lack ethnic minority representation. Source: EY
Creative Differences: A Handbook for Embracing Neurodiversity in the Creative Industries
The handbook highlights that while nearly all creative companies recognise the value of neurodiversity in the workplace only very few have ND-friendly policies and practices in place. It goes on to provide a range of practical solutions companies can adopt to make their workforces more accessible in areas including recruitment, mentorship and career progression. Source: U Music.
Females in the FTSE 350
The 2019 Women Count 2019 has reported that 85% of FTSE 350 companies have no female executives from the business on their main boards. Gender balance is static or in reverse, and we continue to act without sufficient seriousness or pace, and the potential gains are being lost.  Source: The Pipeline.

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Engaging Works

Looking at the happiness and well-being of UK employees shows that 58% are happy at work, a positive figure, but that leaves 42% of the workforce in the UK who don't enjoy their working lives.

This survey evaluates what make people happy and what lessons employers can learn to keep a happy working environment for all. 

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Best Employers for Race
Reporting on policies and practices employers have in place and their successes in taking
action and measuring impact. Source: Business in the Community.
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Black Skin, Whitehall Race and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
First attempt to document the history of race at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
Source: Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
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Board Diversity Reporting
The report assesses the current extent and manner of reporting by FTSE 350 companies on
diversity at board and senior management levels in their annual reports. Source: Financial
Reporting Council.
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Delivering through-Diversity
Delivering through Diversity tackles the business case and provides a perspective on
how to take action on I & D to impact growth and business performance. Source: McKinsey &
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Diversity Matters
The research looked at the relationship between the level of diversity (defined as a greater
share of women and a more mixed ethnic/racial composition in the leadership of large
companies) and company financial performance (measured as average EBIT 2010–2013).
Source: McKinsey & Company.
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Ethnicity Pay Gap
The report sets out Deloitte’s second ethnicity pay gap report and their accompanying
narrative. As with our first report, they have followed the statutory gender pay gap
reporting methodology when calculating our gap. Source: Deloitte.
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Ethnicity Pay Gap White Paper, a Framework for Reporting
On 12 October 2018, Theresa May announced that the Government was launching a
consultation on mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting for UK businesses. Source: Involve.
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Beyond One by 21
A report into the ethnic diversity of UK boards. Source: Sir John Parker Review
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Ethnicity Pay Reporting Consultation, Government Consultation
The consultation seeks views on ethnicity pay reporting by employers. It sets out options and asks
questions on what ethnicity pay information should be reported by employers to allow for
meaningful action, who should be expected to report and next steps. The objective of the
consultation is to enable government and employers to move forward in a consistent and
transparent way. Consultation responses will inform future government policy on ethnicity pay
reporting. Source: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.
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Female FTSE Board Report
A vital piece of analysis that demonstrates the challenges that women still face to reach the
higher echelons of business leadership. Progress continues to be made on the FTSE 100, and
that is welcome, but the pace of change is still far too slow when it comes to women being
appointed into executive roles. Source: Cranfield University.
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Cracking the Code
The 30% Club’s aim of Boards having at least 30% female representation by the end of 2015
currently relies on appointing more female Non-Executive Directors. Source: 30% Club.
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Gender Pay Gap Actions
Reducing the gender pay gap and improving gender equality in organisations. Evidence-
based actions for employers. Source: Government Equalities Office.
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Growth through Diversity
A report on men and women working together for real change. Source: 30% Club.
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Investing in Ethnicity & Race
A simple and effective toolkit to help organisations move the dial on their journey within the
ethnicity and race agenda. Source: Square Pegg Media.
LGBT in Britain Trans Report
Report exposes the profound impact that discrimination, violence and exclusion is having on
trans people’s quality of life in Britain today. Source: Stonewall.
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LGBT in Britain Work
Report investigates the specific experiences of the 3,213 employed LGBT respondents and
their experiences of discrimination in the workplace as well as the extent to which LGBT
staff still feel they have to conceal who they are at work. Source: Stonewall.
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Measures that Matter
Analysing disadvantage, identifying outperformance and increasing diversity in graduate
recruitment. Source: Rare
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Race Disparity Audit, Updated March 2018
The Prime Minister announced the Race Disparity Audit in August 2016 with a view
to shining a light on how people of different ethnicities are treated across public
services by publishing data held by the Government. Source: Cabinet Office.
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Race in Workplace
Report which sets out the business case as well as the moral case. Diverse organisations
that attract and develop individuals from the widest pool of talent consistently perform
better. Source: McGregor-Smith Review.
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Thriving at Work Guide
A report published in October 2017 following an independent review into how employers can
better support the mental health of all people currently in employment. Source: City Mental
Health Alliance.
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Thriving at Work
A study which concludes that underneath the stigma that surrounds mental health and
prevents open discussion on the subject, the UK faces a significant mental health challenge
at work. Source: The Stevenson / Farmer Review.
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Women Count
This study reveals how, despite numerous government targets and corporate promises, women are
still being excluded from key positions in many of the nation’s major businesses. In this
crucial area, our country remains stuck in the past, with our economy failing to achieve its
full potential. Source: The Pipeline.
FTSE Women Leaders, Hampton-Alexander Review
The third report of the Hampton-Alexander Review and on the main measures of progress is
encouraging. Source: Hampton-Alexander Review.