Our DIAL Global community brings together D&I change agents to access exclusive connections, perspectives and knowledge that help us stay ahead in the ever-evolving D&I landscape and achieve workplace diversity & inclusion faster.

The membership provides networking, access to webinars, podcasts and toolkits and is a safe community for leaders working towards a common goal, to share best practice, wins and collectively grow in knowledge of holistic diversity.

We open our online community to all people for free. However, our corporate membership opens up more services including a catalog of bespoke content from our twice weekly podcasts, virtual workshops and lounges, virtual summits, case studies, membership benefits and more.

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“ I love the purpose of the workshop, bringing together business leaders to learn and share will help make the


—  Scott Snell, Vice President Sales UK & I, Pladis Global



  • Receive support from a diverse community of like-minded individuals so you can share wins, lessons and experiences about the same topic to navigate what worked, and what didn’t

  • Gain action led insights into holistic diversity through events, workshops and learning from personal stories


  •  Have a safe space for your teams to engage and learn about D&I topics, empowering them to advocate for change both inside and outside your organisation





✔  Access to Case Studies (content library)
​✔  Access to Twice Weekly Podcasts (content library)
✔  Access to live Weekly Virtual Workshop with live Q &A (content library)
✔  Access to DIAL Global Lounge (Virtual Roundtable)
✔  Attend Virtual Summits for you and your wider organisation + Catch up on demand
✔  Selected members to feature as guest on the Podcast Show “Diverse and Inclusive Leaders Podcast”
✔  Access to our network of business leaders from leading global organisations via our
dedicated membership community online and via our app
✔  C-Suite or other leaders to join DIAL Lounge (Thought Leadership Roundtable around specific D, I and B topic)
✔ Internal DIAL Global Lounge possibilities
✔  Access our extensive content library with real-life case studies and transferable solutions
✔  Ability to create a bespoke calendar of content based on internal goals
✔  Ability to participate in current media campaigns

✔  Access to ground-breaking research & insights through our non-profit, McKenzie-Delis Foundation which includes The McKenzie-Delis Review, the first report to cover the full 10 facets of holistic D, I and B.

*Content library features all “on demand” content – Any device, any time, anywhere in the world.


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