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Diversity & Inclusion Snippets: 03.05.2023

  1. The State of Organizations 2023, a brand new report by McKinsey pinpoints the most important shifts that organizations are contending with along with potential ways to tackle them. When it comes to DEI, 70% of respondents said that their organisation aspired to transform in line with DEI initiatives, but only 47% said that they had the infrastructure for it.

  2. British Vogue is focusing on disability with 5 covers featuring disabled talents in the month of May, highlighting how the fashion industry can be more inclusive towards people with disabilities. They've taken that one step further by exploring how to make the magazine and brand more accessible.

  3. A short two-minute burnout assessment from HBR which might help you pinpoint burnout quicker by scoring you across six key components: workload, values, reward, control, fairness, and community.

  4. In a climate where DIBE initiatives matter to current and prospective employees, organisations should be shouting about the things they're doing, particularly in terms of strategic goals, its bottom line and societal impact. Here's one way to do it.

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