Reena Chawla

Co Chair of the Cultural Diversity Network Fujitsu 

Reena is the Co-Chair of the Cultural Diversity Network within Fujitsu. Our mission is focused around 3 pillars: Raising awareness of Cultural Diversity issues internally and externally, improving standards within the organisations and helping the community.  Reena spent over 14 years as a Senior Technology Recruiter and earlier this year made a career move into Public Sector sales.

Fujitsu was recently ranked by the BITC as one of the best employers for Race.  Reena has been involved in a number of Governmental initiatives around Diversity and Inclusionwith particular focus on BAME. One of the areas she is most proud of is being involved in the BITC/DWP “mentoring circles” helping unemployed people, from a BAME background, develop core skills to enter the working world.