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The DIAL Global Diversity Review (DDR) is the most comprehensive review of corporate practices against the 10 facets of workplace Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Equity and Culture (DIBEC).
Creating an industry standard diagnostic, the review delivers meaningful annual reports from the UK and US, to harness the power of all aspects of both visible and invisible diversity. 

By tracking and measuring annually the progress of 10 holistic facets of DIBEC, these all-encompassing reviews are vital tools for businesses, allowing them to benchmark against other organisations, learn about leading practice through case studies, and set tangible goals to move the dial year on year.

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Why participate in DIAL Diversity Review?


Benchmark yourself against the market 

  • Improve accountability with 10 individual facet scores

  • Track your performance with the personalised scorecard

  • Enhance decision-making and resource allocation


Make your progress transparent

  • Become one of the DDR Top Performers 

  • Showcase your results to stakeholders through the case studies

  • Share your progress with the DIAL community at DDR Release events

DDR 2023

Enliven the diversity culture in your organisation 

  • Develop a sense of ownership 

  • Use the personalised scorecard to communicate DIBEC goals

  • Identify growth areas for your DIBEC programme during a feedback session with our experts

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Before you start

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Launch Webinar


Launch Webinar
  • Explore the benefits of taking part in the DIAL Diversity Review

  • Hear from successful participants about the business value of the review

  • Find out the survey structure and the assessment process 

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  • Who can participate?
    Any employer with a UK and/or US presence is eligible, we welcome entries from all sectors and sizes of organisation. We recommend that leaders and staff within your organisation or those who are closely involved with HR or DIBEC efforts take this survey, as many of the questions will require knowledge of your organisation’s DIBEC strategy.
  • Do all employees in the organisation need to take the survey?
    No, only leaders and staff within your organisation who are closely involved with HR or DIBEC efforts take this survey. There is one survey submission per organisation. Although if your organisation is present in the UK and in the US with separate DIBEC programmes, you may want to participate in both, the UK and the US surveys, to benchmark yourself against the peers in each region.
  • How long does it take to complete the survey?
    The survey opens on the 12 February at 10:00 GMT. You will need to answer 51 multiple choice questions covering the 10 facets of workplace diversity. It will take approximately 35 minutes of your time to complete, however you may need more time to collect the requested information. To make the process easier you can access a copy of the survey in a Word document by completing the form.
  • Can I include information that I submitted in 2023?
    The information for 2023 may be sufficient for the questions which cover your general DIBEC practices. Although most of the questions are focused on the past 12 months performance of your DIBEC programme so it is recommended that you review your answers and update your progress against the previous year’s work.
  • How much does it cost to participate? 
    Participating in the DIAL Diversity Review survey is free. All participants may request a personalised scorecard and a feedback session with our DIBEC experts free of charge after the release of the Review in Summer 2024. We offer extra benefits, including speaking opportunities at the Review release events, to our sponsors. Contact us to find out how to become a sponsor and explore all sponsor benefits.
  • How will DIAL use my data?
    We collect aggregated statistics from survey results to produce DIAL Diversity Review report and may use the results within the DIAL Global network and with our clients and business partners. We do not under any circumstances disclose individual entity data. At the start of the survey, we request your permission to include your organisation in the list of participants and the Top Performers list, should you score highly in any of the facets.
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Once you complete

Launch Webinar - Background.jpg

Get scores reflecting your progress on the DIAL 10 facets of DIBEC

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After the release of the Review in Summer 2024


Get your individual scorecard with
10 facets of DIBEC


Get a feedback session with our DIBEC experts

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Check out our

DIAL Diversity
Review 2023

DDR 2023
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Strategic Partners

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