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Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging (DIBE) is embedded into the core of our business, as we ourselves work with other organisations to improve DIBE within their workforce.


We are an inclusive employer. All our employees are hired without discrimination and without regard for age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, nationality and more.

Career growth and learning

All of our employees commit to one personal development goal on their KPIs. This can take the form of anything from learning a new skill, mentoring, webinars, courses. Additionally, all courses in the DIAL Academy (some of which are CPD certified) are available to our employees free of cost. 


Our monthly DIAL Lounges and Listen and Learns where we host speakers to teach us about topics such as discrimination, age in the workplace, gender equity, disability and more are open to our employees as well.

Work-life balance

We are a fully remote workforce, spread across the UK. Our employees can work flexibly and from any location. 


Our core office hours are 9 to 6, but we make allowances for the needs of our employees eg. school runs. As we are remote, we meet monthly, which allows our employees to put their home needs first.

Social impact

All of our campaigns are designed keeping social change at the forefront. 


We recognise that true inclusivity extends far beyond the workplace and into the lives and communities of employees, so by working together with other organisations, we bring about change in their communities across the world.

Environmental sustainability

We don’t have a physical office and are paperless, so we are mindful of our carbon footprint. Any materials that are printed are done in limited quantities to prevent waste. 


Employees are encouraged to use public transport to go to our monthly meetings.

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