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The DIAL Academy has a range of learning programmes to suit everyone and every organisation regardless of where you sit on your D&I journey. Our programmes are designed around the 10 facets to help you create real measurable change within your workplace.


When employee wellbeing is high, employees are more productive and take pride in their work and their workplace.​ Working with the DIAL Academy means you'll end up with a consistent approach to DIBE across all levels of your organisation as employees work together to create a workplace that is safe and welcoming, a space where real conversations can happen and real change can be made.


Choose from our suite of courses (link to modules subpage) or ask us about bespoke blended learning programmes to meet your needs.

DIAL members can access online
courses via the Hub

The DIAL Academy gives you

✔ A workforce with relevant skills and knowledge that will contribute to building an inclusive organisational culture.​

✔ Increased attractiveness that tackles modern issues like ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘the great resignation’ by being an organisation that recruits and retains top talent.​

✔ Greater employee engagement with your own initiatives and goals.​

✔ Increased confidence in having difficult conversations with the ability to take immediate remedial, reactive action.

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The DIAL Academy training drives exponential growth at all levels of an organisation

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