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The business case for diversity is clear with diverse companies and teams measured as more creative, more innovative and more profitable. There is now widespread understanding that teams with the widest range of diverse thinking create the most diverse products and solutions – and that understanding is driving real pressure from employees inside companies as well as consumers and investors from the outside.


DIAL Global is a diversity and inclusion accelerator committed to driving change in the workplace. We help companies understand why diversity is critical, diagnose where they are on the D&I journey and how they can drive change even faster at all levels of their organisation.


DIAL Global is the only diversity accelerator that looks at 10 holistic facets of visible and invisible diversity including race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, mental health, parenthood, nationality, religion and socio-economic status.

Leila McKenzie-Delis
Founder & CEO of  DIAL Global
Founder of The McKenzie-Delis Foundation


A passionate thought leader with multiple business and charitable interests, Leila McKenzie-Delis is moving the dial on diversity, inclusion and aspirations in business. In 2019, Leila founded DIAL Global, a global community for ‘Diverse Inclusive Aspirational Leaders’.

DIAL Global’s purpose is to foster a more open, diverse and inclusive society by helping organisations to think differently about their working culture, recruitment, attitudes and understanding of diversity in all its forms. The community includes a podcast series ‘Diverse Inclusive Leaders’ and YouTube channel, featuring exclusive talks with the most inspirational and accomplished thought leaders of today.


Leila has also created the McKenzie-Delis Foundation (www.mckenziedelisfoundation.com) – a charity dedicated to furthering the research and insight into diversity, inclusion and belonging. While the D&I agenda has long been a high priority in the UK, until this point there has not been a comprehensive review of how the country’s largest employers are addressing and prioritising their efforts across the ten facets of workplace diversity and inclusion. The Foundation publishes an annual McKenzie-Delis Review on UK and US businesses which can be downloaded here. mckenziedelisreview.com