Become a member of the DIAL Global community today. Gain access to an exclusive membership programme which is designed for companies and individuals across the public, private and not for profit sector. The membership provides products and services for companies and individuals who wish to evolve their inclusion and diversity objectives in the workplace and society.

Member engagement plan

Your membership will include a bespoke engagement plan whereby we will understand your business and social objectives and then create a strategy to achieve your inclusion and diversity plan.


A Personal Development Programme for C-Suite Members

A programme created through our Year of Learning initiative which includes study and culture tours.

Executive Education

Custom built masterclasses for board members and its senior executive team with our in-house consultants and experts.


Take advantage of our network of members and learn through cross company resources, in order to further develop your skills, and expand your company’s network.


Access to our global summits and exclusive ‘upon invitation only’ events.


Learn through our free products which include: webinars, e-books, case studies and more.