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Panel 4: Authentic Corporate Allyship: Moving Beyond Performative Actions

“Difference plus imagination equals innovation. And that's what we want from everybody. We want them thinking differently, solving problems and helping us innovate.”

“The most effective way to be an ally is firstly knowing that it's a never-ending journey, and that there is always something that you need to learn.”

The fourth panel, hosted by Ruth Hunt, Organisational Change Consultant/Director at Deeds and Words Ltd, featured insights from Antonio Bebba, DEI Europe Lead at Pfizer, Sandy Gould, Chief People Officer at Pinwheel, Meisha-Ann Martin, Senior Director, People Analytics and Research at Workhuman and Paul Smith, Global Director - People Experience, Culture & Learning at EssenceMediacom.


The discussion explored several key themes, including distinguishing between performative allyship and active support, leadership's role in allyship, and why true allyship goes beyond talk, requiring leaders to take meaningful and sustainable actions to set the tone for the organisation.


The importance of leadership accountability in creating an inclusive environment was discussed, with an emphasis on measuring progress and understanding the experiences of different groups within the organisation. The importance of continuous learning in being an effective ally, emphasising that allyship is a never-ending journey. The discussion also looked at how Pfizer is fostering allyship through their country leaders, with a focus on creating a culture of continuous learning and support.


They concluded that embracing differences and imagination leads to innovation, emphasising the positive impact of allyship on bottom-line performance. Overall, the panel delved into the essence of authentic allyship, emphasising the need for meaningful actions, continuous learning, leadership accountability, and the positive impact on organisational effectiveness and innovation. The discussion highlighted that allyship is an ongoing journey that requires commitment and a willingness to challenge the status quo.


“If you want to inspire other people don't show them your superpowers, show them theirs – that is allyship at its core.”


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