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Panel 2: DIBEC’s Role in Crisis Management: Speaking Up and Taking Action

“You don’t have to respond to everything – listen to what’s important to your staff. But if you’re choosing not to say anything on a topic, it’s important to share why you’re choosing not to commenting on it right now.”


The second panel of the DIAL Global Summit, hosted by communication expert Simon Enright, Chairman at Freuds Group, Jenny Hall, Director of Corporate Affairs at Royal Mail, Margot Slattery, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion and Belonging at ISS and Ian Toal, CEO of Oscar Mayer Group. The discussion focused on the impact of staying silent on diversity and inclusion during social crises, the concrete advantages of investing in diverse and inclusive crisis communication and the need for a risk mitigation plan. The panel focused on proactive strategies for addressing challenges through leading practices and case studies such as Primark, Carrefour and Sodexo.

Proactive strategies for crisis communication were shared, emphasizing the importance of considering the diversity of staff to prevent crises in the first place. Companies were advised not to respond to every issue but to focus on what is important to their staff.


Creating spaces for open conversations and opportunities for employees to express their feelings were considered essential. When there are big topical issues that people are feeling very passionate about, create the space for people to have those conversations. The challenges of letting staff know they have a voice were discussed, and the panel emphasised that there is no shortcut to creating an inclusive culture.


Overall, the panel underscored the crucial role of diversity and inclusion in crisis communication, challenges of letting staff know they have a voice were discussed encouraging leaders to proactively address challenges and create an inclusive culture within their organisations.


Click here to see the full video recording available to our Members

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