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Diversity & Inclusion News Snippets: 02.08.2023

  1. Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Equity initiatives are often founded on the assumption that disadvantaged groups need assistance from the majority group. The unintended consequence of this assumption can contribute to the rise of benevolent marginalisation. How then, do we challenge and dismantle this phenomenon?

  2. A global study co-led by researchers from The University of Queensland and Harvard Medical School has found one in two people will develop a mental health disorder in their lifetime. Interestingly, the most common mental health disorders differed by gender.

  3. ERGs are sometimes called the lifeblood of an organisation. Despite that, they can be the first to be impacted given cost cutting and the slashing of DEI budgets leading to identity groups and social causes losing their platform. How then, do ERGs get the attention needed to gather support for their key work?

  4. Agism can exist upwards or downwards, and it can be malevolent or benevolent starting from people making assumptions and judgments based on age, to becoming overprotective and reducing autonomy. How can agism be fought?

  5. Cheeky plug - the 2023 editions of the DIAL Global DIversity Review (UK and US) are now out. Take a look at what leading UK and US companies are doing in Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Equity.

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