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Diversity & Inclusion News Snippets: 12.09.2023

  1. A new study by PLOS One has found that the reason why boys and men are three times as likely to be diagnosed with autism is because of a lack of understanding and recognition of autistic traits in women, along with an implicit bias which associates men with autistic traits

  2. The widespread assumption about the gender pay gap is that it stems from women's reluctance to negotiate. A new Academy of Management study has shown that women are more likely to negotiate for a pay rise, but also more likely to be turned down for one.

  3. Gen-Z are entering the workforce at a rapid pace. What are they likely to prioritise in an employer? Diverse representation, diversity and inclusion goals and metrics and a clear diversity and inclusion strategy.

  4. Recent research has found that in the case of mental health challenge, there is a strong relation between an employee's own mental health and the mental health and wellbeing of their family. This means that when it comes to addressing mental health issues, a whole-family approach is key.

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