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Diversity & Inclusion Snippets: 04.01.2023

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

  1. Recent research has found that women who are going through menopause seem less leader-like unless they talk about it openly, putting introverts people or those who just don’t want to talk about it at a disadvantage. GenM’s invisibility report found that almost one-half of women didn’t want to talk about it at work with an additional third finding it embarrassing to do so. #gender #age

  2. What has the biggest negative effect on workplace promotions? According to research by KPMG, workers from lower socio-economic backgrounds took on average 19% longer to progress to the next grade. #socioeconomic

  3. Why are the over 50s reluctant to return to work today? ONS carried out an analysis on the barriers and motivations of older people returning to work. Here’s what they found. #age

  4. New year, new you? A late 2022 survey found that New Year’s goals have shifted from being centred around physical to mental wellbeing, with 50 percent between the ages of 18 and 41 planning to work towards improving their mental health. #mentalhealth

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