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HH Global Speaks at DIAL Global's Virtual ESG Summit

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

HH Global are honored to have recently been invited to speak at DIAL Global’s ESG summit, alongside many other highly influential industry stakeholders and valued HH Global clients. HH Global’s Group CEO, Mike Perez, was on the panel at the first of the three summits, which covered trends in diversity and inclusion across FTSE and Fortune 500 companies.

The DIAL Global summits aim to create a platform for industry leaders to discuss the importance of fostering diversity and tolerance, both inside and outside their organizations. The summits discuss how organizations can grow authentic cultures to unlock more innovation, creativity, and profitability.

HH Global continues to implement internal changes to ensure we are an inclusive organization, with initiatives such as the launch of our new diversity and inclusion training for all staff. We are also proud that over 50% of our workforce is now female, and we continue to ensure our hiring strategy creates a pool of the best, most diverse talent.

Due to the scope of our business, it is important that we also consider ESG beyond our internal structure, and recognize the impact we can have on the supply chain in its entirety. 7.5% of our annual spend today is channeled through small and diverse business suppliers, a figure we have committed to increasing to 15% by 2025. At the summit Mike said, “we have over 14,000 suppliers that we work with globally, so we believe there is an opportunity to work internally for improvement, but also to shape the external supply chain and what we touch for global brands.”

Mike commented on the importance of “setting the expectation and holding yourself accountable.” Explicitly stating our ESG targets ensures that, as a business, we continue to develop sustainably, with human rights, diversity, and inclusion at the heart this growth.

To watch the full recording of the summit please follow the YouTube link below. Please note that Mike’s panel begins at 2:27.55.

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