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Diversity & Inclusion Snippets: 27.10.2022

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

  1. Is it any surprise that the gender pay gap is highest for ethnic minority women? New analysis of ONS data shows Equal Pay Day for Black African women falls on 27 September (a 26% pay gap compared with the average male worker), and 19 September for Bangladeshi women (a 28% gap). For Pakistani women, it falls on 8th September (31% gap). #socioeconomic #gender

  2. Is caring for family an equal responsibility for both genders? Virgin Media O2 is taking the lead by becoming one of the first UK companies to offer both paid neonatal and paid carer's leave to workers. Employees can take up to 12 weeks neonatal leave, plus five days of paid carer's leave which can be split up in to half days #parenthood #gender

  3. Diversity and Inclusion has become a make-or-break issue, particularly for younger employees. The new People at Work 2022: A Global Workplace View report found that (76%) of workers would consider looking for a new job if they discovered there was an unfair gender pay gap or no diversity and inclusion policy at their company. #socioeconomic

  4. Are we comfortable having uncomfortable conversations at work? In their Racism at Work research 2021,business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola found that employees comfort level with having difficult conversations remained virtually unchanged. More alarming, when it came to witnessing racism at work 25% did nothing about it out of fear of the consequences and a third of white respondents stated that it “was not my business”, a 20% increase since 2018. #raceandethnicity

  5. There's remote work, and then there's borderless remote work. Most companies still require their employees to be easily accessible or on the same time zone. Very few employers offer jobs regardless of geographic locations, however true inclusivity might mean offering roles to overseas candidates and making borderless remote work an option. #nationality

  6. According to the Adecco Disconnect to Reconnect global report, 68% of workers feel stress or anxiety sometimes/often. However, 30% of workers say that this has an impact on them, particularly for those who are customer-facing workers, Gen Y & Gen X, and women. Despite 73% of companies believing that it's important to support employee mental health, only 33% offered more than flexible working leading to 45% feeling unsupported by their employer. #mentalhealth

  7. Nearly fifteen percent of the global population lives with a disability, yet they remain routinely excluded. Meghan Hussey's suggestions on designing a more inclusive future starts with the individual - with checking one's assumptions and stereotypes. #disability

  8. Microaggressions are a common experiences for minorities and go a long way towards preventing success in D&I. As an ally, here's how to intervene when you spot the signs of microaggression. #mentalhealth

  9. One of the more novel approaches to parenting is to raise a child as being gender neutral till they can choose. However, this practice is gaining popularity in northern Europe and the US with varying opinions about the practice. #gender #parenthood

  10. The fastest growing talent pool isn't Gen-Z, it's people aged 65 or older. They currently represent 10% of the global population and are expected to make up 16% by 2050. As age demographics in the workplace shift, so does working practice as well as recruitment in order to retain this talent. #ageandgeneration

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