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Diversity & Inclusion Snippets: 15.02.2023

  1. New in this year's edition of Bloomberg's Equality Index is the integration of diversity policies into management KPIs. 64% surveyed implemented D&I goals in performance reviews with unconscious bias training being offered by 84% and management completion tracking metrics in place for 74%.

  2. The darker a woman's skin tone, the more likely she is to experience racism at work. Research by Catalyst supports this. Also, trans women (67%) and queer women (63%) are more likely to experience racism at work than cisgender heterosexual women (49%).

  3. Liminal space is a concept for a space that is a transition between two places or two ways of being. Commutes used to be the liminal space between home and work, but has Work From Home affected our mental health and that time to reset, re-frame and refocus?

  4. Who's scored the most goals in International Football? The Internet says it's Cristiano Ronaldo with 118. FALSE. The record belongs to Christine Sinclair, who has scored 190. Correct The Internet is a new global campaign to spotlight how the internet has learned our bias and the negative impact of that on women.

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