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Diversity & Inclusion Snippets: 29.03.2023

  1. We're all familiar with greenwashing but the new term on the block is now "wellbeing washing!" It's the term for organisations who outwardly appear to care about wellbeing but do not back it up through tangible actions.

  2. Where do we currently stand in terms of equity? Women are under-represented globally in government, science, technology, and business and face inequalities in every area, so much that they might never catch up.

  3. Key takeaways from recent IBM research on Women in leadership shows that parity is actually farther away than ever, attributes critical to leadership remain gendered and despite 19% higher revenue growth in organisations that prioritise equity, many companies do not prioritise their female employees.

  4. Toxic culture disproportionately affects women. An analysis of Glassdoor reviews by MIT from 2016 to 2021 showed that women were 35% more likely to negatively mention toxic culture as compared to men.

  5. How then, does one fix a toxic culture? Here are MIT's suggestions on how to detox toxic culture.

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